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This week's training plan - manjushra
This week's training plan

I managed last week's commitments all up until today, when I completely misremembered when the gym closed and so am sitting here frustrated because I would have worked out earlier if I'd just checked. Now I have to do my training after school - not ideal. Francis was also away (possibly ill) on Friday, so I had to do my own thing. When he directs me, I do a shitload more work: he has higher expectations of what I can manage and is there to be ready to catch the weight if my muscles completely give out.

Monday: ON (making up for previous day's missed)
Tuesday: ON
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: ON
Friday: Francis
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: ON

I know that's more than 3, and there's a risk here that I'm making it too difficult to achieve. BUT I am completely into this game now. I know I am a flabby older lady who should be knitting but I look at muscle-bound people and think, shit, I'd like that.

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