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A new month - manjushra
A new month

Six weeks ago I couldn't imagine any successful way which was achievable by myself, with all my little quirks and failings, to start losing middle age spread and get fit again. I truly thought that was it.

Since then, on the back of a decision to give up bread for one month, I've given up eating sugar and flour, started a training program with a personal trainer, and lost about 6 lbs.

Francis is threatening to adjust my eating plan tomorrow, saying that it needs to include more calories, and eat eggs in the morning, or something like that. I'm a bit worried about this, but I guess I'll trust that he's a certified PT and has done all sorts of training around fitness and nutrition.

The other thing he is big on, is that I have to train 3 times a week. So I think that is my new Month Habit: within a seven day stretch from Monday to Sunday eve I'll go to the gym twice independently and once for my Francis-fix. Generally I'll aim to do one day on, one day off, and have one spare "I'm really really busy" day. I'll plan in my diary, marking up the days as "on", "off" and "busy". When at the gym I just have to do the training plan that F has planned out for me.

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artw From: artw Date: June 10th, 2016 01:44 pm (UTC) (Link)
Well done you!
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